He Walked into a Bar


Scott was feeling lonely. He had just broken up with his girlfriend of three years, and he needed to get out of the house. He decided to go to his local bar, The Horseshoe, for a drink. It was a Wednesday night, so the place was relatively empty.

Lynnea was at the bar, nursing a drink. She was a beautiful young woman, with long blonde hair and piercing green eyes. She was dressed in a tight black dress that showed off her curves. Scott couldn’t help but stare.

Lynnea noticed Scott staring at her and smiled. She walked over to him and introduced herself. “Hi, I’m Lynnea,” she said, extending her hand. “I haven’t seen you here before.”

Scott shook her hand and introduced himself. “I’m Scott. Yeah, I don’t usually come here during the week. I just broke up with my girlfriend, and I needed to get out of the house.”

Lynnea’s eyes widened. “I’m so sorry to hear that,” she said, placing her hand on his shoulder. “But I’m here to make you feel better.”

Scott raised an eyebrow. “Oh? How do you plan on doing that?”

Lynnea leaned in closer, her lips barely inches from his ear. “I have my ways,” she whispered.

Scott felt a shiver run down his spine. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He had only come to the bar for a quick drink, and now he was being seduced by this beautiful babe.

Lynnea took Scott’s hand and led him to the back of the bar, where the restrooms were located. She opened the door to the women’s restroom and pulled Scott inside.

The restroom was small, but it was clean and well-lit. There was a sink, a toilet, and a small changing area. Lynnea pushed Scott up against the wall and kissed him deeply.

Scott responded eagerly, wrapping his arms around her waist. He could feel her body pressed against his, and he could feel her breasts through her dress. He wanted her so badly.

Lynnea broke the kiss and looked into Scott’s eyes. “I want you,” she said, her voice dripping with honey.

Scott nodded, unable to speak. He was so turned on, he couldn’t think straight.

Lynnea reached down and started to undo Scott’s pants. She pulled them down, along with his boxers, and took his dick in her hand.

Scott moaned as she started to stroke him. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He had never had sex in a public place before, but he was willing to try anything with Lynnea.

Lynnea dropped to her knees and took Scott’s dick in her mouth. She sucked and licked him, driving him wild.

Scott looked down and watched as she blew him. It was the hottest thing he had ever seen. He could feel himself getting close to orgasm, but he didn’t want to cum yet.

Lynnea stood up and turned around. She hiked up her dress and bent over, giving Scott access to her pussy.

Scott didn’t need to be told twice. He entered her from behind, and they both moaned in pleasure.

Lynnea started to move her hips, grinding against Scott. He grabbed her hips and started to thrust harder, deeper.

They were both so turned on, they couldn’t hold back. Scott felt himself getting close to orgasm, and Lynnea was right there with him.

They both came at the same time, their moans muffled by the sound of the hand dryer.

Scott pulled out of Lynnea and helped her straighten her dress. They both looked at each other and smiled.

“That was amazing,” Scott said, still out of breath.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” Lynnea said, her voice still husky. “I told you I had my ways.”

Scott chuckled and pulled up his pants. He felt like a new man. He had just had the hottest sex of his life, and he couldn’t wait to do it again.

As they left the restroom, Scott turned to Lynnea. “Can I see you again?” he asked.

Lynnea smiled and took his hand. “We’ll see.”

They walked out of the restroom, separately, as if nothing had happened.


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