phone sex billing

Billing with our phone sex service is simple, professional, and discreet. We use an AUTOMATED service on our telephone line or you can also create an account online if you prefer. 

We do not transfer calls with a live dispatcher. Instead, our system is set up securely and allows YOU to enter your own information which is more private. We only store the last 4 digits of your card number which keeps us PCI Compliant. No one has access to your full credit card account information but you. We use the best servers possible with a tech team to make sure everything is safe and secured. There is no way that any Phone Sex Babe can use your credit card account information because they do not have access to it.

Our operators do not even know your full name. They will only know whatever you tell them. We require your real name for billing but the operators do not have access to it. Operators cannot contact you by email unless you email them first or call them.

When you call by phone the first time you will hear a 2 minute recording which explains the details about billing, and the rates. It’s not one of those cheesy “commercial” styled recordings. It’s direct and to the point providing you with the important information you need to know. You will use the keypad on your phone to enter your own information and you can listen to who is available by using the * key. Once you decide on the lady you wish to speak to then you simply enter her extension number.

If you sign up online you will fill out some brief forms to complete your info. There are many benefits to signing up online including complete control over your account, privately emailing the ladies, and using the paid chat system.

Your card is verified and authorized with a hold for funds but only once the lady you choose has answered her phone. If she doesn’t answer then no funds are held or charged.

Billing is done precisely! Most companies watch the clock and then when a call is disconnected they round up to the next minute and that is how you are charged. But WE charge you to the SECOND. If you talk 10 minutes and 32 seconds then that is exactly what you are billed for. And since our ladies do not do any billing they are never watching the clock instead of focusing on YOU.

Should there ever be an issue or problem with billing you are able to contact a LIVE person for customer service within the hours of 9 am to 9 pm EST pretty much 7 days per week. You can leave us a voicemail, or you can also use email which we answer within 24 hours.  Our customer service skills are advanced, we will explain anything you need, or fix any issue on our end immediately.