Who answers the phone when I call?

You will listen to a short preamble recording. No one answers your call and you do give out billing information to a live person. You control it by entering your info in our automated system.


How long does it take to get connected to a babe?

The first time you call a few minutes. But the process is very painless. Just have your card ready and be prepared. If you chose to use our services again then calls can be set up and transferred in under a minute. You won’t have to listen to the same preamble either, there is a shorter different one for repeat clients.


Is my info safe?

YES! We only use secure servers and are PCI Compliant which means we DO NOT store your entire CC info in our system. We only store the last 4 digits of your card and no one, I mean no person has access to it.


How private is my information and how discreet is the service?

Your info is private, operators do not have access to ANY of your details including your real name. You can use any name you want with the operator. We only need your real name and address for billing.  We do not mail anything to your home. We do not call you unless you arrange a call back in the system. Nor do we spam you with email. Billing is discreet and the billing name is used for psychic readers, life coaches, and other professional services as well. If your partner searches the billing name the billing website comes up but it doesn’t say it’s for phone sex. We do not give out any info to a partner who calls. Only YOU can get that kind of information. This makes us extremely discreet.


Is the billing accurate? 

Since we use an automated system for all billing, your funds will be placed on hold, and billing is done when the call is done. We have limits on what you can spend per day, and you can extend calls to talk longer. Many services just let you rack up minutes but with our system, YOU are approving it before charges continue. Most services time your call and round up to the next minute for billing, but our system charges you down the second.


Do you have any special discounts?

YES! You can pay in bulk minutes and get reduced rates. If you want to add $100 to your account then we give you a free 5-minute call. If you want to add $200 to your account in bulk funds we will give you a 10-minute free call. This is not an automatic discount though, you must call and speak to customer service to get a coupon code!


If I add bulk funds to my account how long do I have to use that money?

Forever! There is no time limit. Adding bulk funds is an option for the clients who want to call often but do not want a bunch of separate charges on their credit card bill that may be more easily noticed by a partner. It’s easier to explain a larger purchase once every month, or every two months than several smaller charges on a regular basis. This is just an option and may not work for many callers, that is up to you. But it’s always good to have options!